Friday, August 26, 2011

August Blog Carnival: Would I take jewelry stuff with me on vacation?

Nope I sure wouldn't. It's vacation. A break from everything. Well, I *might* take a sketch pad. But that's it. Really.

Maybe some colored pencils too. But seriously, that's it. I start packing jewelry stuff and we'd need another vehicle to carry it all, because I'd want to bring everything so I didn't forget anything, and that's simply not practical. Then there'd be set up in a new spot, a huge space taken up by all the containers, etc. that it took to carry it all, and pack back up whtn we're done. Ugh! I don't want anything other than my clothes and toiletries to remind me of anything back home when I'm on vacation.

As much as I love making jewelry, how could I want to be bending over tiny seed beads or wrapping wire while on vacation when I have this to enjoy? Nope, just pass me the margarita, please.

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BeadSire said...

Sounds like you totally chill when you're away - good for you! Love your post.

Carole said...

I admire your resolution. Since I don't get to bead much when I'm home, I always view vacation as a time to get something finished. So I don't think I could actually leave without bringing something along.

galadryl said...

Can't do without my pliers. Magharita in my left hand, pliers in the right one :)

Cat said...

You should start wire crocheting, Jeanne ... a hook, some wire, a few tiny beads, it's all you need. Not even the pliers, you can finish it at home.
Come on .... you know you want to try it ...

Jeanne said...


Islandgirl said...

I don't take any beads with me... maybe pliers, who knows what I may need those for... fixing the truck.... I usually take my knitting though so I have something to do when we're driving!

Lovley pictures!

Jeanne said...

Thanks everyone. I think it's easy for me to *not* take my jewelry stuff with me because I love to chillax during my vacays - and it would feel like home if I'm doing something the same as I do at home. One time though, I learned from one of our visiting guests how to braid a jacob's ladder (basically macrame) with beachy looking beads. That was fun... I could do that again I guess because all you need is a hook, some string, beads and scissors. :)

DawninCal said...

I hear ya, Jeanne. I just can't settle down enough while on vacation to concentrate on jewelry making.

Bead stores - absolutely!
Craft & street fairs - for sure!
Night life - you bet!



Jeanne said...

Me too, me too!!!