Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's a New Year!!

Hi everyone, remember me? I'm still here, just been busy busy the last few months and haven't made time to blog. Ok I've got a lot of catching up to do. My poor blog has been ignored, and it's time for an end of the year/beginning of new year evaluation.

Last January I made some resolutions, and was about 1/2 successful. I did get my business established, and I did post in my blog more, but then I petered out... So a fresh new year is here and I'm just going to continue on. More posting in my blog is in order - probably 2 more to come pretty quickly after this one - and my goal is to post twice a month. In theory that should be super easy.

Also I have a small bit of cash to play with ad I've been wanting to branch out into playing with fire. Ooooohhh, ahhhhh....  Yes I have a butane torch that has been sitting in the bag for months, because I haven't been able to get any acoutrements to go with it, in order to start burning stuff up. Today I picked up a simple vise at Lowe's.

A friend of mine posted in her blog how she was starting to do fold forming, and it really sparked my interest. She even sent me one of her prototypes! So fun. Makes me want to try, naturally. And to top it off, she has featured me in her blog! Woot! You can read all about it in Jewelry Art by Dawn's blog on ArtFire. Thanks Dawn!!!

Pics of things next time... :)

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DawninCal said...

My pleasure, Jeanne!

Thrilled to read that you are one step closer to playing with fire - you go, girl!