Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mid-year check-in: New Year Resolutions

Well, a little over half the year is gone so it's high time to check in with progress on my New Year's Resolutions. In short, here are my three "resolute" action items for the year 2011:

1) Eat better and excercise - everyone's standard resolution, I know, but I do need to do these things
2) Blog on a regular basis - goal is 1x week
3) Establish my jewelry business - read: get that license!
So the report goes like this...
#3, DONE!! I got my tax ID on March 18th, and the other day I filed my 2nd quarterly tax return. Woohoo! The name J3Jewelry is also registered in Florida. If I ever decide to go national with it, this will help me since I've established the business name here first. Time is our friend in these cases.
#2 Blogging is occuring more often than prior to the New Year, but I have not achieved 1x/week yet. Some months were close, but last month...well, just one post! So I still need to work on that.
#1 Exercise and eating better.  Abysmal. Fail. No progress. It's as if I forgot what those two things mean. I am a lazy turd, I know. I really need to get going with this. Send me threatening messages, maybe that will help. :)
On another note, the hubby and I got something done during my (1.5 days left) vacation (he had to go back to work on Tuesday) that I wasn't sure would ever get done. We tore out the hallway carpet and replaced it with tile! And it looks like wood planks, so it is SO cool. Oh and we also painted the hall, the baseboards and the door frames so it looks all shiny and new. Low VOCs are wonderful, you just need to use 2 coats. But if you have a strong color you are covering up, definitely prime it first (we used No Odor Killz). Then still, 2 coats! But it's great stuff. I love it - the hubby, not so much. He would have preferred a 1-coat paint. Such as life, he got over it. :)  AND, we did not have a house full of fumes.
So here's how it went:
Old icky carpet, the baseboards already removed from the wall.

The icky linoleum that we found under the old icky carpet. We had to scrape that mess up.
And under that mess was some very sticky stuff, and it was black. Ugh.

Progress! Hubby lays the tiles, no it's not real wood, and inserts 1/8" spacers.

Our smaller kitty, Serenity, felt the need to add her special touch to the project.
You can see her paw print in the bottom middle of the pic. LOL

And finally, all done! Whew. Now on to the next room!!!
Now of course, we're just dying to get more flooring ripped out and replaced because this turned out so well. We will have at least one more done before the end of the year. That's a new goal.
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Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

Wow! Worth all the work that is gorgeous!

Jeanne said...

Thanks Nicole! And well worth it, too. Our favorite part of the house now is the hallway. LOL I am really "over" the sage green paint on all our walls. I'm looking forward to a new color palette in the house.