Friday, April 2, 2010

So now I'm a blogger...uh oh

Thank you for checking out my little corner in blogworld! I never thought I'd ever blog. I often wonder what the word even stands for, so I made my own description: bitch-log. Simple enough and when I first heard about them that's what it seemed like everyone was doing with their blogs...bitching. Anywhooo they seem to accommodate many a function, family photos, photography sites, political pundits, business name it... an easy way to have your own website.

So here I am too to "show you my stuff." I hope you like my stuff because I really enjoy making it. I got into jewelry in December 2008. My husband had been the victim of corporate bankruptcy and I was looking for "inexpensive" ways to create Christmas gifts. I happened to go into a beading store in my neighborhood that I always admired as I drove by, but never stopped by to take a look. I was on Christmas break from work and decided I was going to stop in this time to see what I was missing. Oh! The sparkles, the shinies, the pretty jewelry designs. None of that prefabricated "manufactured" look... this was real jewelry made by real people. And it was gorgeous. While looking over the display cabinets, I saw these really pretty earrings and bracelets specially displayed with a sign that said "Do you like these? You can make them too!" And it was only $10 for the class. It was like being hit by lightening... I *knew* right away that I absolutely had to take that class. Which I did, and made the prettiest little Christmas bracelet with Swarovski crystals and sterling silver beads and clasp. As you might guess, Swarovski crystals are my "first love" in jewelry, but I have allowed my tastes to expand to many different areas such as bead weaving (peyote stitch, right angle weave, etc.), steampunk, origami, beachy hemp creations, dainty and glitzsy wedding designs, prayer beads and more!

And here are a couple pics of the very first creations I made for a whole bunch of people for Christmas 2008. Before the days of more proper finishing techniques and better picture skills. Still learning! Swarovski crystal and sterling silver, baybee!!

Stick around, there's more to come. :)


John Couch said...

Good job Jeanne. This looks great. Nice banner!
John C

Gail said...

Nice Blog, Jeanne!! Love the pictures of your jewelry!!!