Sunday, April 11, 2010

Slideshow Sideshow

UPDATE: Looks like the broken links are finally weeded out! Yay.
Well I thought it would be "really cool" to have a slideshow of my jewelry sliding away on my blog, and after I set it up, it was pretty neat. THEN I got the bright idea to "improve" it, so I *moved* some of my pictures to a different location to better organize them.  This action turned out to fall under the category of "a very bad idea."  The dreaded broken links message appeared a lot, in fact on most of the pictures, so I took it down.  I've made some changes which pretty much fixed the problem, but as you can tell, not entirely. SO with trepidation, I will leave it up and hope for the best in that I find a way to really fix it. Or get a new one with different code... or...

Heck, you probably didn't want to see those pictues behind the broken links anyway, right?!?!

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