Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas musings

Santa Squirrel says
Merry Christmas!
Well another Christmas has passed. I'm still enjoying the 'high' of Christmas but also glad for the break. A lot of hustle and bustle (read: really darn busy-ness!) go on during this time. My hubby and I opted for a joint effort gifting of a Christmas cookie platter this year, and the star of the plate were these snowflake cookies based on these pretties from The Bearfoot Baker. Now, she is a master cookie decorator so ours were a bit more basic. But they tasted yummy all the same and we had many compliments on them. I even used Alton Brown's Royal Icing recipe! This inspired us to do it up a bit more elaborate next year and we get to practice all year! :)

Did you have any special projects this year that (maybe made you pull your hair out, but) was worth it in the end?


The Bearfoot Baker said...

I love your snowflake cookies! You and your hubby did an excellent job! I can't wait to see what you do next:)

Jeanne said...

Thank you for coming by!! We're excited to do more things. This was pretty simple to do actually - but this was my first time ever making royal icing (or any kind of icing) in my life. It sure does take a lot of confectioner's sugar! Once I got a rhythm going, the piping was pretty relaxing. I looked up the 15 second/20 second icing recipes you have links to but I didn't have any meringue powder so I opted for the egg whites.