Saturday, July 28, 2012

July Blog Carnival - Movement

Each month, the JAC has a blog carnival where members post about the same topic and link to one another so you can hop from blog to blog to get everyone's take on the subject. This month is about movement. Aptly assigned, as the 2012 Summer Olympics just started and that's ALL about moving the body! (I don't think there are any stationary sports, are there?)

So I've been in this BOHO Bliss class run by Deryn Mentock and I have been making earrings that have plenty of movement in them! My favorite so far are these great dangle hoops. (Design by Deryn Mentock, replicated with permission for class learning purposes.)

The thing about this is that it's not just the end result of the earrings being all dangly and fluid, but I had to move the metal to get the earrings to look this way. The hoop frames and the little paddles that the beads are hanging off of were hammered. They started out just a straight piece of round wire. Hammering transforms metal. It can do anything from simply hardening the piece you're working with (moving all of those atoms around), and it can flatten and fold the metal. That's definitely moving metal!

On another subject about movement, I just discovered this artist's amazing kinetic works of art. I love my earrings, but this is WAY cooler. :) Go check out his blog, you can see videos of ALL of his creations, and they are amazing. Definitely worth a few minutes of your time. David C. Roy.

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Islandgirl said...

I love kinetic sculptures! And how clever are you showing a video of your earrings moving!

Jeanne said...

Thank you, it just came to me! Not the best video, but it shows what I wanted. :) Off to comment on yours!

Carole said...

Your earrings are fabulous. Moving metal is a great concept, I had not thought of it in just that way before. David Roy's sculpture is amazing.

Cat said...

Cool ideas to have the videos, that showed off the point perfectly!

Jeanne said...

Hahaha Lynne, "clever" is my word of the day now... I've used it like 3 times since you posted your comment on here; it just seemed to be the word to use at the time... it's catching! lol

JewelryArtByDawn said...

Jeanne, you have definitely been moving metal in all kinds of different ways!

What a great idea to add a video showing the movement of your beautiful earrings.

Can tell you are loving that class!

Jeanne said...

Thanks Dawn. And Cat I'm going to try to make and incorporate more videos in my blogs. Cisco said that by 2013, video will be nearly 90% of all internet traffic. Something to think about... said...

I love the video too, very clever.

I love the earrings too.

That second video, the kinetic sculpture is awesome.
Would love that here on one of our walls, but I think my cat would go bonkers then. :)