Sunday, May 15, 2011

Let me introduce....

My "Frister" Michelle. I'm borrowing that term for a moment from a lady on my jewelry forum. I saw her shop name and her explanation and I really love the term. Friend + Sister = Frister. I am blessed to have 2 sisters in my life: my younger blood sister and my older (I like to tease her that way because she's less than a year older than me lol) "chosen" sister. Well, she chose me, really. In 10th grade, when I was the new kid in class and I needed to join a lab group, she pointed at me and said, "you're with us." So there I had 2 new best friends and I didn't even know it yet. Jill and Michelle.

My new-found lab partners, Michelle and Jill,
 back in high school days, circa 1985/6.
Over the years we spent the summers together, went on trips together, took as many classes together as possible, went to college together, got in trouble together, laughed, cried, supported each other through countless boyfriend crises... you name it... joined at the hip might be underestimating it a bit. Boyfriends? Expendable, honey. My frister was with me first, and will always be there. I can always find another boyfriend, but fristers are hard to come by, and ones like Michelle and Jill are once in a lifetime.

But Michelle is the topic, today. There's so much to say, but I'll start with 'her mama raised her right.' This is a woman who doesn't see color, only human beings. Kind and generous to a fault and beautiful to boot. And this girl got skillz, too! She's an amazing seamstress, a belly dancer, and a certified yoga instructor with a thriving and growing business. She tirelessly takes care of her family and her 86 year old grandmother too. I really don't know where she gets the energy, or the patience. Must be that Libra influence in her that's balancing the scales (although, she is a "Virtuous Virgo").

She's the happiest yoga instructor in the world. Here's an example... Just imagine you're doing ab work, sitting upright, with your legs extended in front of you with your knees bent 90 degrees and your're twisting your torso to the left. Hold it for 20 seconds as she counts to 20 with a smile in her voice. Next, without dropping your legs, twist to the right and hold for 20 more seconds, again she counts with a smile in her voice. Lastly, turn your torso forward and raise the legs so you look like a V now, and hold for 20 more seconds. Again that smile in her voice while she counts to 20, and do I hear laughter in her voice this time?!? While the rest of us are moaning and groaning, huffing and puffing and passing out from the strain of weak abdominal muscles, she gracefully lowers her legs and adjusts into 1/2 lotus position, not even breathing hard, beams the brightest smile out over her devotees, then mercifully lets us relax our backs into a forward bend. People think yoga is such a gentle practice... and it is in so many ways, namely it is not rough on your body such as running is, but it is definitely a workout, make no mistake. When you're done, and she's wrung every last effort out of you - but never overstressing the body - and you think you just can't take any more, you get to relax in shavasana pose to end the night's practice. Then you sleep like a baby that night, and you're hooked, just like that.

Just in case you didn't quite visualize the last
position I described's the
tortuous ab work position. Ugh.

Yoga retreat in Vail Colorado - Michelle in scorpion pose
Yoga retreat in Vail Colorado - not sure of this pose,
but it looks really tricky.

And she sews... Here's a few examples:

Michelle, on the end, sewed all of the Bride's Matrons' dresses
for my wedding (and 4 other outfits as well). In less than 3 months,
while still living her regular high-paced life. 
She made a World of Warcraft costume for a friend of hers
who wanted to wear it to a costume contest. In here you can't
see the LED lights that were added into the shoulder pads, making
them glow, just like an Elf costume would.
Just this past Christmas, she made me an awesome purse with
a sci-fi chicks theme. I love it!
She makes customized yoga mat bags too!
And here she made a customized tote bag/purse for her
bellydance troupe leader, Samira.

In tribal gear, doing a split during her sword dance

Boy that yoga really helps with the bellydance moves!
All kidding aside, I really love this picture.

Devoted mom and wife...
With son Taylor, taken a couple years ago, but I love this one.
With hubby Scott during a winter trip to Michigan to vist Jill.
Remember Jill in the 1st picture?
Well there's just so much does one portray a 25 year old friendship in a few words or pictures? Not the easiest thing to do, but I hope you get the idea what a talented, cool and special person she is. She's my BFrister for Life. :)

The 3 Musketeers in Colorado December 2009


Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

What a wonderful "frister"! I may steal that saying. I love her seamstress work! Those yoga bags are stunning!!!

Jeanne said...

She is just the best. I'm lucky to have her in my life. OH! I just remembered the name of the shop with that name, it's 2 Fab Fristers! I can't remember who in the jewelry forum it is though....