Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Blog Carnival: Use of color in my work

This month's Blog Carnival at Starving Artists is about how I use color in my work. Hmmm, tough one for me. I cannot say I actively think about color for color's sake. I don't say to myself, OK Jeanne, get your color in your head and design around it. What I do is have a focal item and work around it in regards to color and style. The focal item for me could be the type of wire I'm using, or a focal bead for instance, and I work to build a harmonious blend of colors within complementary material used to finish it up.

In the end, I think that color is probably the largest impact on viewers. Despite shape and other design elements, color can sometimes save a piece, or even just make that devestatingly beautiful piece you end up being really proud of. While I mention that I don't 'actively' think of color for color's sake, I suppose I meant that I have not made a piece from color as the starting point of a design. Well, aside from that one time... another blog challenge was to make a piece with gold as the focus.

Here are a few pieces that I found to be quite pretty when completed.

Colors of the rainbow... or a chakra. This is all Swarovski crystal, and even
though there are many colors here, it's just right.
Golds and muted tones represented here. This was the piece I
used for the March color challenge at SJA.
Aside from the bit of gleam you see in the focal bead, this is a
monochromatic theme. All copper. It worked out rather well.
And finally another monochromatic theme. Opalite, silver
and moonstone in this piece. A very showy bracelet.

Hmm do I detect a "thing" for monochromatic themes? Stay tuned as I work and grow in my craft!

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BeadSire said...

You don't realise how much colour influences artisian's until reading how it is incorporated into their designs, great post and I love your designs, just beautiful.

Islandgirl said...

I know if I'm buying something colour has a lot of influence over my choice.... When I'm making things I don't 'think colour' but I'm sure I unconsciously work in colour paletes that I would want to wear!

Even though I rarely work in white I really like that last bracelet with moonstone and opalite!

Anonymous said...

I think colour has a huge impact on buyers. I often think colour is the first thing that draws someone to a piece. The style, size, etc. are secondary in many cases.

Bonnie said...

Your jewelry is bright and beautiful. I really enjoyed the gold bracelet that you made for the March challenge. It seems that we all use color intuitively. Our brains know color theory even if we have difficulty articulating it.

Cat said...

Looking at other artisans' pieces made me more courageous about the colors I am using myself.
Beautiful designs!

galadryl said...

Yes, I agree, colours have a big influence on a buyer. But I admit I have big troubles working with colours I don't personally like that's why I am not really keen on custom orders. :(