Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Story Behind My Business Name

This is my first time participating in the Monthly Carnival Blog hosted by Starving Jewelry Artists. This month's topic: "Tell us the story behind your business name." My very first post on my blog was about how I got into jewelry design and fabrication. Now I will share how I arrived at my chosen business name, J3Jewelry, Jeanne's Jems & Jewels.

I did a lot of research on the net about how one should go about choosing a good business name. Things like 'don't use your name in the title,' 'be descriptive,' and 'be catchy and original' were similar themes in all the advice I read. In the end, it came down to what felt like "me." It started out with me remembering my grandfather calling me Queen Jeanne as a baby and toddler (a very vague memory, but a lovely one). I thought it was really neat and I wanted to somehow incorporate that since it had a lot of meaning to me.... Queen Jeanne's Jewelry Box.... Queen Jeanne's Treasures.... nope, they just didn't seem right no matter how much I wanted them to fit. So I deliberated, I wrote down all kinds of descriptions and adjectives and I basically played an adlib game trying to match up cool words from one column to another to create just the right name, but nothing made itself known or really spoke to me. I played with the notion of spelling my name backwards, which I really liked, but I had to be realistic and realize that no one would know how to pronounce Ennaej (ay-naj). So much for that experiment... I gave up on trying to figure out a name for a couple months. I figured if I stopped obsessing over it, something would make itself known, and it did.

One of my early experiments for a business name

I did a simple repair for a friend of mine at work and afterwards she gave me a thank you card addressed to Jeanne's Gems & Jewels. Not only did I think that was cute and sweet, it had a certain ring to it. I liked it, and I started mulling over it. Then not too long after that I was asked to participate in a breast cancer fundraiser for a team doing the Susan G. Komen fundraiser and I was lamenting to my best friend... I still didn't have a business name I could put on business cards! What to do? I really liked Jeanne's Gems & Jewels, but something was had to be quirky or cool somehow...and she said 'so make all the first letters Js.' It was so simple, but that was it, that was the little ooomph that was needed. All of a sudden I had something I felt was "me." I made up business cards for the occasion.

My first banner here on the blog.
I wanted it to show I didn't "only" do jewelry
During the months afterwards, I keep picking at it, however. I couldn't help myself. An added little twist was to have the name be J3Jewelry (the 3 being "cubed" standing for the 3 Js in the title).  Now I have something for a little logo as well:

Well, that's the story... and I have others to thank for most of it... so thank you Mary Ellen and Michelle! :)

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BeadSire said...

Fabulous post and very interesting to read how your name evolved over a period of time - love what you have now - very original and clever!

Bonnie said...

Great story Jeanne. I really like the Ennaej name too. It's so mysterious sounding. Maybe you could do a series of ethereal pieces with that name. Thanks for sharing.

galadryl said...

Love the story too, but like Bonnie said Ennaej would have been a nice name aswell although your actual business name is kind of cool.

PaintinByFaith said...

I also love the evolution ... I wish there was a way mine could evolve ... but I don't see a way for it to change & still be what it is ...

Jeanne/J3Jewelry said...

Thank you ladies for the kind comments! Bonnie, that is such a cool idea, and I think I'm gonna use it!! Woohoo, I'm excited. :)

Anonymous said...

Great story and I think your name fits. I think picking a name is one of the hardest parts of setting up a business. You did a great job :)

Islandgirl said...

Works for me... And your probably right no-one would remember how to spell Ennaej if they were trying to 'google' you! J3 is really easy to remember!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I like you name, it's easy to remember and makes a great logo!!

Carole said...

That's the kind of cute but stylish that I wish I could think of, but am hopeless at. The "cubed" part is the kind of thing people really remember. Great name!